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Brand Development • Creative Strategy • Social Media • Marketing



At Celsius Creative Group, we don’t just create strategies; we craft journeys. It’s like weaving a tapestry of insights and innovation, where we meticulously thread together market research, consumer psychology, and cutting-edge trends to design roadmaps that not only meet but exceed your objectives.



When it comes to brand creative, we’re artists of identity, sculpting brands that resonate deeply with your audience. Our designs breathe life into your vision, ensuring that every visual element and piece of content tells a compelling story. 



In advertising, we’re the architects of attention, constructing campaigns that break through the noise and leave a lasting impression. And in the world of social, we’re conversation starters, sparking meaningful dialogues that build communities around your brand. 

Beyond Brand

beyond brand.

Our approach isn’t just about creating buzz; it’s about nurturing relationships and fostering connections. We don’t follow trends; we set them, crafting experiences that ignite lasting impact.

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Combined years experience
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Reach By Celsius

Your brand energy source.

Our team ignites ideas and connections, generating the energy needed to power your brand to new heights. We’ll propel you forward in the ever-evolving world of business and creativity.

Our marketing arm is growing every day, with new strategies and options to push your brand and marketing objectives forward through a multitude of options and channels.

Old Orchard Inn

Everything Blossoms with Celsius Creative.

Working closely with the Old Orchard team, the objective was clear - reflect the refinement of an historic landmark in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and it's modern, customer-focused service that defines the experience.

How do you create empathy within a brand? Use it's voice, and amplify it.

Skills Training Across Canada defines the opportunities for career development within the food industry in Canada, we just helped up the volume.

Tourism is all about the experience.

Bringing a new voice to the market for ocean excursions within northern Nova Scotia means defining a new opportunity with an approach that is lively, bold and intriguing.

We have really enjoyed working with the Celcius team and have appreciated their quick professionalism, flexibility, and desire for a meaningful client relationship. They have turned around some very important and impactful work for us, and we look forward to working together more with a partner we can rely on. 

Diane Connors (she/her)
Director of Communications | IONS –